Temenos Hymnoieros ArchaiTheoi 

A Kydonia Line Grove of the Minoan Brotherhood, based in Pasadena, CA 


What is the Minoan Brotherhood?                                The Minoan Brotherhood is a tradition of Wicca for gay and bisexual men. The Brotherhood has been in existence since 1977. It was founded by Minos Gwydion Hyakinthos (Edmund M. Buczynski), who was an elder in the Gardnerian, NY Welsh and NY Wica Traditions. Currently, there are active groves around the U.S. and in Canada.  

We celebrate the mysteries unique to men who love men through ritual, magic, spiritual development and the worship of the Great Goddess and Her Divine Son. Minoan worship centers on the festivals of the Wheel of the Year and observances of the 13 full moons. Our myth cycle and deities are our own. Minoan groves are run by a Minos (or High Priest) who serves as ritual facilitator and spiritual mentor to his brothers. The Brotherhood is both initiatory and oath-bound. As such, there is little Outer Court knowledge regarding the tradition available.

Who is Temenos Hymnoieros ArchaiTheoi?            Temenos Hymnoieros ArchaiTheoi is a group of men who are dedicated to fostering the love of spiritual brothers, ongoing conversation with our divine nature, development of our relationship with our gods and service to the greater gay and pagan communities.

We are currently looking for qualified Seekers who wish to transform their lives for the better through the practice of magic and the worship of the Ancient Ones. If you are a man who loves men, over the age of 18 and committed to a path of spiritual growth that will bring you deeper knowledge of your divine nature, please contact Minos boreas r.d. at minos@minoan-grove.com